Stack Rock Group : 平博app Architecture

Team Members

Trevor Ball, LAIT

landscape architect, boise idaho, salt lake city, utah

平博app Architect, 平博app Design, Boise Idaho

“I like to wear hats.”

Trevor Ball is a creative landscape designer and recreation expert from Lewiston, Idaho. Trevor holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in 平博app Architecture as well as a Masters of Science in Recreation both from the University of Idaho.

Trevor has experience building landscapes, designing landscapes, maintaining golf courses and can operate a warehouse forklift like nobody’s business.11174912_844701088954322_8106930279982724712_n

As a landscape designer Trevor is intimately involved with each project ensuring attention to detail, accuracy and timeliness.

Trevor is also our resident modeling, rendering and 3D visualization ace. Whether you would like to see digital renderings of your landscape, building, home or of an interior tenant space before any construction work happens, Trevor is your man.

In his spare time you can find Trevor dominating the softball field, stalking elk, cheering for the 49ers and posing in the mirror at the gym.


use this handsome fella in your next sketchup model